At Langley we have also had a 21st Century Lab team looking at the 'how' of making VW happen for our Center. We are currently looking at possible pilot programs in the areas of:

  • Institute massive telecommuting at LaRC
  • Investigate the growing role of computational simulation to replace physical infrastructure
  • Embrace virtual reality, virtual presence as a substitute for physical presence and physical travel
  • Engage intellectually the global technical community in a virtual network
  • Become an early adopter of automation for invention and ideation
  • Identify the tools required for IT security to enable 21st Century Lab
  • Develop a "problems repository" as part of the Center creativity and innovation plan
  • Institute systemic, centerwide intelligence gathering as part of Center creativity and innovation plan
  • Develop the requirements from (and for) the LaRC mission support functions to enable the 21st Century Future Lab
  • Develop the required training for LaRC personnel using tele-education methods.

21st Century Lab Whitepaper

21st Century Lab PowerPoint Presentation

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