The Federal Virtual World Challenge
By Bob Brewin <>    09/08/09 10:02 am ET

The Army Research and Development Engineering Command is looking for more than a few good virtual worlds, and has kicked of a real world challenge <>  to find the best for itself, the Homeland Security Department, NASA and other federal agencies.

Tami Griffith, science and technology manager, at the Research and Development Engineering Command's Simulation Training and Technology Center, says the challenge is designed to explore possibilities for using virtual worlds that have not, and may not have, ever been considered by government.

Contestants need to focus on use of virtual worlds used for training and analysis, but other than that, there are few rules for the contest -- except companies or individuals with federal contracts can submit entries, but cannot win.

Here's the real world schedule for the virtual world challenge:
Submissions due: Nov. 15
Government evaluations: December 2009 through January 2010
Top entries made available for public evaluation: February
Winner announced at 2010 Defense GameTech & Users Conference in Orlando, Fla.: March 29-31

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