Workshop held at NASA Langley Research Center Edit

April 30 and May 1, 2009 Edit

Workshop Agenda

To download files, click on the link.

Key Note Briefings:

Tinari: The Future of Virtual Worlds

Thompson: The Networked Enterprise

Session Briefings:

Chaturvedi: Simulation and Visualization Enhanced Engineering Education

Dwoyer: New LarC

Gillian: LaRC Integrated Design Center

Jones: Virtual Education at UNT

Nguyen: Virtual Education at ODU

Parent: Joint Training Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Ops Integration Center

Pickell: Nexus for Government and Business

Schwartz: Virtual Diagnostics Interface ViDI

Selby: Education Charge

Discussion Notes:

VACE Discussion Notes for May 1, 2009

Breakout session notes: Education

Breakout session notes: Training

Breakout session notes: Research

Workshop Organizers and Personnel:

Sharon Welch NASA Workshop Organizer/General
Dr. Greg Selby ODU Education Working Group Lead
Dr. Jerry Kegelman NASA Training Working Group Lead
Dr. Yiannis Papelis ODU Research Working Group Lead
Beth Plentovich NASA Workshop Organizer/Training
Dr. Thom Pinelli NASA Worshop Organizer/Education
Richard Schwartz NASA/ATK Workshop Organizer/Research
Paul Brewster NASA Workshop Organizer/Research
Dr. Liz Ward CNU Workshop Organizer/Education
Donna Turner Vigyan Workshop Facilitator
Judy Heinrich AS&M Workshop Facilitator
Edith Robinson Crewestone Workshop Registrar

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