Virtual Community Edit

A Virtual community is an organization designed to utilize personnel and resources external to itself. The VACE as a virtual community would be a way to organize the workforce external to NASA to work on NASA defined projects. The virtual community could use tools such as:

  1. Social Networking
  2. Blogs
  3. Wiki
  4. Open Source Projects
  5. Microblogging
  6. Problem Repository

Virtual World Edit

A virtual world is an interactive simulated environment accessed by multiple users through an online interface. Virtual worlds are also called “digital worlds,” “simulated worlds” and “MMOG’s.” There are many different types of virtual worlds, however there are six features all of them have in common:

  1. Shared Space: the world allows many users to participate at once.
  2. Graphical User Interface: the world depicts space visually, ranging in style from 2D “cartoon” imagery to more immersive 3D environments.
  3. Immediacy: interaction takes place in real time.
  4. Interactivity: the world allows users to alter, develop, build, or submit customized content.
  5. Persistence: the world’s existence continues regardless of whether individual users are logged in.
  6. Socialization/Community: the world allows and encourages the formation of in-world social groups like teams, guilds, clubs, cliques, housemates, neighborhoods, etc.

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